You can now fly with American Airlines and Delta in the winter from New York to San Juan, Puerto Rico and back for only $188 including all taxes.

Travel dates:

January 2017 – February 2017

Sample dates:

New York – San Juan, Puerto Rico

American Airlines
16th-25th Jan
17th-25th Jan
17th-26th Jan
18th-25th Jan
18th-26th Jan
18th-27th Jan
21st-28th Jan
22nd-31st Jan
23rd-31st Jan
24th-31st Jan

14th-21st Jan
17th-24th Jan
18th-25th Jan
21st-28th Jan
22nd-29th Jan
24th-31st Jan
25th Jan – 1st Feb
26th Jan – 2nd Feb
28th Jan – 4th Feb
30th Jan – 6th Feb
31st Jan – 7th Feb
1st-8th Feb
2nd-9th Feb
3rd-10th Feb
4th-11th Feb
5th-12th Feb
6th-13th Feb
7th-14th Feb
8th-15th Feb


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Sample reservation:

cheap flights puerto rico

Price includes all taxes

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